Who Are the Reptilians?

Replitian Sketch | Credit: Dahami's Reptoids & Aliens
Credit: Dahami's Reptoids & Aliens

sumerian-reptilian-shapeshiftersIf you’ve found your way to Annunaki.org, you’ve probably spent some time scanning the night skies for UFOs.

But what if looking skyward means you are missing what’s right in front of your nose?

What if aliens are already living among us? Could your neighbor down the street by an alien undercover? And what about the leader of your country?

This is the theory of the reptilian race—also sometimes known as “lizard people,” “draconians,” “saurians,” or “reptoids.”

Reptilians have actually cropped up in science fiction throughout the years time and again. They’ve been written about by Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, and H.P. Lovecraft.

Sometimes, real-life mimics fiction, but more often, fiction mimics real life. Could it be that the inspiration for these stories runs deeper?

When Robert E. Howard wrote about “serpent men” in his story, “The Shadow Kingdom” in 1929, he was actually inspired by an idea presented by the co-founder of the Theosophical Society, Helena Blavatsky.

Blavatsky’s great work was The Secret Doctrine, and in it she talked about “dragon men” who might once have inhabited a lost civilization called Lemuria.

Already, we are getting out of the realms of fiction and are now traversing a landscape where mysticism, archaeology, world history, and astronomy intersect.

Delving deep into occult lore, you will find mentions of reptilian beings time and again. These beings crop up way too frequently to be a coincidence.


David Icke’s Theory of the Reptilian Elite

Draco Reptilians

If you want to learn everything there is to know about the reptilians, David Icke is your go-to guy. If you have been around the block a few times in conspiracy circles, then you have doubtless heard his name.

David Icke differs from a lot of conspiracy theorists in that his life and career were pretty mainstream for a long time. Originally he was a professional footballer; later in the 80s he joined the BBC as a prominent sports presenter on Newsnight. He was so popular he eventually co-hosted Grandstand, which was BBC’s big sports program at the time.

In 1990, everything changed. One day as he was standing at a newsstand, Icke felt a draw toward a book written by a psychic healer from Brighton named Betty Shine. Eventually he visited her, and she told him she had a prediction for him—that he would become a great spiritual healer.

From that point on, it was down the rabbit hole. Icke experienced one strange event after another. Eventually he was invited onto a BBC chat show called Wogan. On the show, he went public with his unusual beliefs. The result was mass ridicule. From that moment on, Icke was branded a paranoid by the mainstream media—but conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters began listening with enthusiasm.

David Icke first began talking about the reptilians in The Biggest Secret in 1999. It is Icke’s belief that the Annunaki gods of Babylonian lore are in fact a race of reptilian aliens who hail from the constellation Draco. And not only did they walk the earth as gods in the days of yore, but they still walk among us today as shapeshifters.

Icke is not the first writer to suggest the theory of “ancient astronauts.” Others who have come before him include Erich von Däniken, who wrote Chariots of the Gods in 1968, and Zecharia Sitchin, who penned Divine Encounters in 1995.

It should be noted that reptilians are believed not only to come from another star system, but also another dimension. According to David Icke, the universe is actually a multiverse, and different dimensions occupy the same “space,” but are only accessible one (or in our case, three) at a time. If you could push through dimensions, you would find other objects and species occupying the same space you are in now.

So the reptilians come from the Draco constellation, but not our Draco constellation. Icke writes that they inhabit the Fourth Dimension, which is just one dimension over from our own world. Having crossed over, they can manipulate us to their own ends.

This connects back to occult lore again. If you know much about magick, you may be familiar with the practice of summoning entities, most of which will try to strike bargains. Icke believes that these entities are the reptilians, and this is yet another way in which they cross over into our world.

Why don’t we see reptilians running around all over the place? Good question.

Icke posits several explanations:

  • Reptilians are shapeshifters. They are already humanoids that walk on two legs and in some sense, look quite similar to us. It would not be a big leap or a hard adaptation for them to live amongst us as humans.
  • Many of the reptilians may actually be living in caves deep underground.
  • The world we see and the world as it is are two very different things. Even if you do not literally believe in a holographic universe, you have to admit that quite often we allow the wool to be pulled over our eyes by politicians, CEOs, and all manner of scammers and frauds. Is it really so hard to believe that a species that already lives like sheep may be bowing to extraterrestrial authorities?       People miss what is right in front of them and vote against their own self interests everyday.



Are Anunnaki the Same as Reptilians?

Sumerian tablet Reptilian humanoids
Ancient Sumerian Tablet Of Reptilian Humanoids

This is a good question, and there is some contention here. Some people say yes, the reptilians and the Annunaki are one and the same.

Others point toward ancient carvings of Anunnaki as evidence against this theory. Only some of the carvings show reptilian figures; many show figures that look far more human, or even birdlike.

This could mean that the reptilians are just one species of Anunnaki. It might also mean however that the reptilians and Anunnaki are indeed one and the same, and those figures that did not look reptilian were simply shapeshifters like we have today.

Why Are the Reptilians Here?

What would this super advanced race want with a lot of lowly humans? Well, what would we want with an inferior race that was easy to manipulate? Just as human beings love power, so do reptilians.

David Icke says that the reptilian race are here in order to mine for monatomic gold (with the aid of human slaves), which apparently can boost the power of their nervous systems. This is how they are able to shapeshift, cross dimensions, and so on. They also derive energy from human suffering, so it is well within their interests that we wage war, engage in animal cruelty, and so on.

This is why the reptilians have placed shapeshifters in positions of power. So long as the human race is enthralled to their interests, they suffer, and if they suffer, they serve the needs of the reptilians.

Even nonbelievers have to admit there is something intuitively familiar in this narrative. Whether you believe as Icke does that there literally are cold-blooded aliens or not, the cold-blooded actions of world leaders especially over the course of the 20th century is enough to make us wonder whether our leaders are human. We certainly do live in a culture of alienation.


List of Reptilian Celebrities

Tooka Reptoid Sketch
Credit: Dahami’s Reptoids & Aliens

Looking for a list of reptilian shapeshifters? You’re not alone. Everyday, believers in the reptilian bloodline are trying to identify shapeshifters and hybrids in our midst.

Obviously, there is a ton of disagreement over who is a lizard and who isn’t, but here are some popular allegations:

  • Barack Obama
  • George W. Bush (and most of his advisors)
  • Bill Clinton
  • Beyoncé
  • Lady Gaga
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Madonna
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Numerous senators and world leaders

As you can see, the list is all over the place, including both left- and right-wing politicians and a range of movie stars and singers. A better question might be, “Who isn’t a reptilian?”


How to Identify Reptilian Hybrids

Want to know how to spot reptilians? You need to look for both physical characteristics which “bleed through” the shapeshifting guise, and you need to look for personality traits of reptilians as well.

Physical Traits:

  • If a person has narrow, slit-like eyes and facial features which appear suggestive of a lizard, they may be a shapeshifter.
  • Reptilians on the whole are believed to be quite tall, so this may also be a giveaway.
  • If you look around, you’ll find videos and pictures suggesting that sometimes reptilians lose control of aspects of their shapeshifting abilities, resulting in strange textures on their skin or changes in their eyes.


Personality Traits:

  • Reptilians are cunning expert manipulators.
  • Power-hungry individuals may be reptilians.
  • Reptilians are energy vampires. They are draining to be around.
  • Narcissism and related traits like gaslighting could indicate you are dealing with a reptilian.
  • Destructive sadism may also be a sign of a reptilian; remember, they feed on suffering.


Reptilians in the Mainstream

When a lot of people read about reptilians and David Icke’s theories for the first time, it all seems pretty “far out there.” But if you think about it, there are a lot of places where reptilians crop up in mainstream media, especially in fictional universes. Think about Lord Voldemort, the snake-like fascistic evil wizard of Harry Potter lore.

Another fun example is the Silurians from Doctor Who. The Silurians aren’t evil and they aren’t even aliens, but they are ancient reptilian humanoids living in secret caves deep underground.   This ties in with the popular Inner Earth Civilization theory that Corey Goode and David Wilcock often reference.

Whether you believe in the reptilians or not, the mythology of lizard people among us weaves throughout human history and is very much a part of our collective identity. It dates back to the Annunaki and continues to interlace through our daily lives in modern stories such as Doctor Who. It resonates with our experiences of trauma as a species. It is at least in part a reaction to war, to greed, to poverty, to slavery and all forms of tyranny.

Even though the reptilian race is a fearful theory, it is also one of hope—hope that the universe is bigger than just ourselves, and that if we can liberate ourselves from our oppressors, we might just become a kinder, more compassionate species.

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  1. Nice brief summary.
    The video link has gone stale.

  2. DestiNova says:

    I have been abducted by these aliens. Taken aboard, I was shown the dead to be alive. The message was, I can alter my DNA by changing my behavior. By studying enlightenment, I can help the dead to live in the parallel dimensions. “We understand, we understand, we understand,” (Pearlman, Bloom, 1988).

    1. Hi there Destinova,

      I know this may be a odd, but I am a student in hypnotherapy who specializes in abduction cases. Was wondering if you could share some experiences with me?

  3. It all makes sense. To add on, the current soul and body business works perfect for the shapeshifting thing: You buy a soul and you take control of the body

  4. Eric Gezana Sithole says:

    Are they not the same beings as the water creatures in most African lore who rule the waters and only feed on the human brains of those they might be forced to kill. Almost all African languages have a name for those creatures and thus can’t be just stories. Most big water projects in Africa cannot take off unless some ritual is carried out to ask for permission. Just check the story of the kariba dam for reference

  5. The reptillian race theory is harder for me to wrap my head around because….how many thousand of years since the flood which supposedly killed them all? Further, don’t they keep to themselves?… ie. blood lines, money bribing for blood rituals and service. And, if they are Anunnaki.. and if Enlil is the leader of the evil ones… then Enki must be reptillian also. Wouldn’t that make Enki a shapeshifter and a fear freek? How can he be good if he is one of them?

  6. So… if Annuaki are Reptilian.. than so are we. Meaning…… we come by evil naturally? That explains why humans kill each other. Um… and why did Enlil stay here and lead the pack? Just to irritate Enki? because he can? Oh yeah…..it’s a fight…..a battle….. for.. earth.. remember? Earth!..the treasured mother…. coveted by both…. but belonging to who?

    1. Margaret i agree with all you. With everything u said. Was thinking the same

    2. dbdrysdale says:

      perhaps it’s wiser to consider the atlantis era people who had knowledge that seems to of been exploited by the annunaki. if all humans are somewhat reptilian, than it probably wasn’t a bad thing, because I believe the reptilian beings are behind just about every war there’s been. we won’t stop these things from destroying us completely if we don’t believe humanity has the power and will to do it.

  7. David Olsen says:

    reptilian represents an energy brought to earth as a the indians call cosmic jokers, is a low energy that is somehow testing humanity, when humans resist and seek the higher energies and see these old fear as nothing than one of thounsands of energies, then the earth changes, the annunaki is a opposite energy of knowledge, prophecing, science and more, these 2 have nothing to do with each other, they where two choice and they still are somehow,

  8. Human RH Negitive people are used for the hybrid species for building there machines and other duties and may take over the Grays job of collecting DNA and Eggs ect:
    The Tall Grays are said to be telepathic , there the best liars you could imagine, you feel information so you believe it must be true !
    After they tell you they mean you no harm and you believe it.
    Then they hurt there subjects with needles and probes and implants !
    Who made the Grays we know not , but they have many minions they have bred !
    The Grays have given every Star system we know of as there home practically so far , lies continue !
    They are trained to use the technology but not understand it but only what devices do and when to use them !
    There Craft have several modes to block our gravity and most physics , air will not compress and cause a sonic boom when the correct mode works correctly !
    They appear extra dimensional but I suspect a particle generator spewing into a magnetic field that keeps the field around there craft and this field instead of causing heat creates light that dissipates excess energy that’s why there so obvious running that mode !

  9. until now I have understood that:
    1) annunaki “gods” – from Nibiru (Marduk, X planet) = the 10. planet of OUR solar system, with a large elliptical path, making in about 3600 earth years a solar circle; creation of mankind by genetic mutations; many references to them in sumerian civilization – see Zecharia Sitchin’s books. They look humanoids!
    2) reptilian “gods” – from Draco constellation (far away from our solar system!), could be involved even the forth dimension of the existence (we don’t know/experience it); manipulation of mankind, strong malignant tendency – see David Icke’s books; they look reptilians! able to shape shifting to human!

  10. WOW!! Doesn’t this stuff just melt your ears? The helicopter etc. hieroglyphics in all sorts of temples, etc. If there are 4 tribes of aliens fighting over the course of their creation,us, then who are the people who say they are republicans as they lack empathy, sympathy and true love. We do win!!!! What alien tribe was moses from?

  11. JOHN DOWNING says:

    I am of a ancient race, The Moari or Maui, like many cultures we have recorded by carvings and rock art, and not least Oral telling, each generation knowing of things that are there, and were, but cant been seen by the naked eye. Like my Ancestors I believe as they believed, not for the simple fact of keeping up with tradition, but because I know there is truth in this. The Sky people arrived to New Zealand to take over and to rule everything possible, and to take control. and should mention the raping of little Moari boys, Done by soldiers and priest, Thanks again to Evil Victoria, of England. Even denying history of My people and denying the facts, The Maori was in fact on New Zealand for many a thousand of years. Now today there are people both of Maori And Pakeha who are proving that the English history is nothing but un-truth propaganda. And we are finding amazing things surfacing from Papa-tuanuku (mother earth) that cannot be dismissed. when you want to know truth about real history don’t go to the donkey, by all means give the donkey a carrot, but don’t bother listening to him, go to the rider and true resource, which is the true custodian of the land. Maori are not about ownership of land or possession, we are about protecting it respecting it, and life, loving it as living and sacred, our ancestor them selves were custodians. Hundred of years before the Sky people came to Aotearoa, there were a few Prophets warning of a race that would come to the land and bring with them greed and deceases, destroying our way of living and belief structures, that were in place at times keeping peace. We had Tapu’s that kept every thing in reason. One of the prophets, even tried with clarity, to explain that he saw in his vision birds flying in the sky with holes in them, seeing people sitting in them. And crawling things, people in them whilst they moved. but also the English history does not tell or mention the fact that The Dutch navigator found New Zealand approx. 80 years before, The Shameful and arrogant Captain Cook, not least the Spanish who landed on our shores over 500 years ago. previously. The lizards will show up in one way or another. And the myth of just one navigator, Our navigator Kupe who brought us from Hawaii waters, there were many before him. Bringing vegatables and the special rats that were domesticated, our dogs, but not least our kumara, which to me is sacred, the soil that came from Hawaii, grown in massive pots that traveled through, seasons like our brave and knowing. The soil is buried in a scared place, where to day no-one will ever know. But Maori origins are spread world wide, down through centuries navigating the water , travelling by the star systems handed down to each generation. This is why when, these so called Sky people turned up on our door step they were met at times with mistrust and hostility. They were not the Sky people from the Stars bringing love and peace, but these people pretending to be far superior people, rather a wolf in sheep’s fur, bringing terror and hate in many forms. The people of Earth, we need to take back what belong to us , not by hate or war, but with peaceful demonstrations, bouycotting. We are changing, we are starting to think out of our boxes, realising that we are not here to keep powerful and evildoers in their high places, but to be as them, but in a positive way, to be loving and caring to each other. Tell me this has any royal handed over money to anyone in need, or have heard of them giving from their hearts, why is their still hatred among us, why are fighting against each other, where is the resolve in this , but who truly benefits from this, look how many poor countries each night begging for help, on tv,seeing dieng babies, people afflicted by war and hunger. Then look at the royals and anyone with high position, like the evil Bushes, where he now he got what he wanted, he hung a man, the middle east is more war and power needing. Now we are copping his evil and stupid mistake. All in the name of power and greed, not least his sheer agorance and dumbness. Its true when you here stories about people drinking human blood, there was a a woman from a European country, where she would drink or bath in it, to restore her beauty and her youth. This is true, so why is it so hard to believe that we have the same among us today. And only the Elite would do this or could afford to do it , with power and Authority, and being in large groups, who would dare touch them, or challenge them, these, are powerful beings, but if we take charge and wake up to it, smell the roses, and see the truth. Everyone who brought the truth were either hushed through ridicule, or scare tactics, and we all laugh at them, because these same people who are part of this evil reality. they are ones clout , the Media are of many puppets used to down any one who defies there way of life, as we are, But for-myself, I am not afraid, nor am I a puppet having my strings pulled by evildoers. So sit on that rotate you are no longer in control, the people of the Papatuanuku, mother Earth, we are the custodians of this planet, not the untouchable as the powerful and the advantaged. I am not laughing now at the thought of being controlled by evil doers. And maybe its time, we all wake up and see the real reality. I MY SELF HAVE MET sTAR PEOPL, i AM A COWARD, BECAUSE i WAS TOO ASSHAMED TO TELL THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET, WHAT MY BEAUTIFUL STAR MAN ASKED ME PASS ON. LOVE ,PEACE, CARING FOR ONE ANOTHER,HE TOLD ME THAT TIME WILL COME AND THEY WANT US TO HAPPY AND PEACEFUL, LEARNING TECHNOLGY FROM THEM BUT NOT FOR FOR THIOSE THAT WANT TO CONTROL IT. I NOW KNOW WHAT I HAVE SAID RIGHT AND IN PURE TRUTH. STARMAN I HAVE KEPT MY PROMISE, SORRY FOR LEAVING IT SO LONG, 20 YEARS AGO. PEOPL STAND UP PLEASE, STAND UNITED AND AND STAND AS ONE . WE ARE BEING USED TO KEEP THESE EVILDOERS AT THE TOP , WHILE ARE THEIRS PET, BEING CONTROLLED AND BRAIN WASHED IN BELIEVING EVERYTHIN HONKY TONKY. BUT ITS NOT. WAKE UP READ THE LISTEN TO THE TRUTH, NOT THE ONES AT THE TOP. I so proud ,so proud of my Ancestors. To you all

  12. Thankyou! I would like to learn more of your history as a people of pease and love. Biblical sources tell us, darkness has covered the earth, gross darkness the people. Your right, it’s time we wake up, and take back our freedom. Jan

  13. Yea, there have been numerous people who came out of the military claiming to have done space travel and seen these reptiles. However, there has only been a few stories of people who seen these on earth. One was another military leak that seen them connected by caves to govt. tunnels. Another story was from the 60’s where a man claimed to have run into one in Virginia (or somewhere near) in the woods. The creature spoke and they had a conversation. The creature used it’s tail and feet like a tripod when sitting. Another was from the 50’s. An African American was chased into his vehicle by one in Florida. However, Most of the military people see these reptiles always with a tall blonde group of off world entities. They were called the “tall whites” by a leaker named Charles Hall. They are believe to be a sub group of hybrid man-reptiles. Another research in the early 90’s (no longer found) said there was a group of blonde type aliens that were our closest neighbor. He identified these through past documents from civilizations and came to conclusion they are called the “Illuminates”. The Charles Hall leak says they can shift what you see as their shape. They can mostly appear human. A second writing of the “lost books of Adam and Eve” (not the readily available version) began in the “eden” It identified the being that fooled adam and eve not as satan, but as an illuminate. It is the higher chance that the ones that the same ones from the beginning are still here and still trying to destroy us.

  14. Hello. I’m a reptillian. I can admit this because no one will believe me. Most of you will think I’m a troll or playing a joke. I’m not.
    There is nothing you can do to change the current state of affairs or alter the course we’ve set. I honestly don’t understand why so many of you even worry about us. We’re here for your own good.

    1. Why don’t you ef off?? Whatever you are or who ever you are. Who cares. You are a coward and an idiot. Time to go to lay down for you.

  15. To reptoid. If you havent noticed your losing. Deep state is in deep trouble. Everyone is waking and were bringing down your satanic pedo empire. You all are dropping like flies. WWG1WGA!!!

  16. No need for proof. The course can change.

  17. On a ‘normal conscious ‘ level it’s almost impossible to take on board the enormity of what we are discussing here. However, my argument has always been, why is this any more extreme or ridiculous than believing in the stories told by orthodox religion? What makes humans so special to think that we are the only ‘conscious beings ‘ in existence? I have very recently had a conversation with someone (we are both British) who was a top designer in the UK and worked with princess Diana. Apart from confirming her murder he also confided her horror of specific ‘blood rituals ‘ that the royals partook in and she never recovered from what she saw…. those that refuse to cooperate are eliminated. He talked to me about the pleiadians and told me my daughter is one! Nothing surprises me anymore especially as I’m also a hypnotherapist! We are moving in times of massive change and time is speeding up. It’s exciting and of course somewhat frightening and those of us who are empaths get quite overwhelmed at times but the truth I believe is becoming clearer to many

  18. They drain your lifeforce like vampires. How could we protect ourselves?

  19. Leading Martin Warrior says:

    I’m a metis and my hero is louis Riel. My guidance is from the light being. I recieved the message through the concious as it was The spirit of humanity will overcome the current times we are dealing with, before our next life time. Love is the core, of the 7 teachings, then there is humility, bravery, courage, honesty, wisdom, and the last is truth, the truth of all the 7 teachings. Hate is one of the most strongest barriers influenced by evil. Love to all. Aho meegwetch

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