The Annunaki In The Bible

Annunaki In The Bible

The most widely read book in all of history, the Bible has pushed the faith of billions of people and has shaped the very world that we live in. But what if there was something that was not drastically clear in the way that people decipher the Bible.

What we’re going to discuss is the Annunaki in the Bible.

These are very important parts of Scripture that often go overlooked by readers, but shed some light on a different side of the Bible and the very faith that billions of people believe in.

Before we jump into the scripture itself, let’s try to clarify what we know about the who they Annunaki were.

Who Are The Annunaki?

Sumerian Anu
Sumerian God Anu

Annunaki is a phrase that has been made famous by Zecharia Sitchin.  Found within many of his famous books, Sitchin explores ancient mythology, megalithic structures around the world and various books to demonstrate that an extraterrestrial race visited the planet.

What’s interesting is that these were the gods found within the Sumerian tablets.

The Annunaki were actual deities and their names come from the old god of the sky “Anu.”

But when you look deeper into the Sumerian tablets, you start to notice that there is a stark comparative relationship between the Bible and what these ancient cultures believed in. When you begin to look deep into the Bible, you’ll see that there are some similarities that often go overlooked by even the most religious people.

Such occurrences include Giants in the Bible.

Sumerian Tablets

The Sumerian tablets were written by the Sumerians. This was a society that invented writing, and had advanced knowledge of mathematics, science and astronomy. According to these tablets, the Anunnaki, or Anannge, were angels.

These were people that were technologically advanced and actually lived on earth around 8200 BC in the Middle East.

Ninill and Enlil were at the center of the stories. Ninill was the goddess that ruled over the land, and Enlil was her husband. The God of War, Ninurta, was the son of Enlil and Ninlil.

These gods are very similar to the gods that you would know from ancient Greece and Rome, and this is the first time that we hear about the garden of Eden. This is the same Eden that we know from the Bible.

Within the Sumerian tablets, Ninlil asks the Council of seven to create what is called “Eden.” This is a heavenly garden.

The Annunaki were also tied to the Watchers which are found in the Book of Enoch. Not surprisingly, the Watchers were in charge of watching over “Eden.”

The Book of Enoch

A book that is an ancient Jewish religious work, the Book of Enoch is the tradition of Enoch, and is closely tied to Noah. As you already know, Noah was in charge of saving all the world’s animals, and it was his great-grandfather who wrote the Book of Enoch.

Much like the Bible, the Book of Enoch is really a series of different books.

Inside of the book, you’ll find the following:

  • The Book of Watchers
  • Book of Parables
  • The Astronomical Book
  • The Dream Visions
  • The Epistles of Enoch

This is a very important read if you want to delve deeper into religious text. Now the reason that we’re talking about this book is because of:

  • The Watchers
  • Nephilim
  • Bane of Angels

The Watchers fell to earth and are our form of Angels who fathered the Nephilim. What is interesting is that many of the names found within this text correlate directly to the Bible:

  • Azazel
  • Raphael
  • Gabriel

And while the book is not considered part of the Bible, many believe that it is one of the texts that does hold religious significance.

There are many such books to have not made it into the Bible that you and I know today. Why?

It could be that these texts go against what the church has been telling us for centuries.

What we’ve seen so far is that these two ancient texts seem to meld into each other perfectly. But it goes even deeper than that with the Annunaki.

The scripture that is of the main importance is [Genesis 5:18]. Within this text, you’ll find Enoch who fathered Methuselah, who fathered Lamech, who fathered Noah. This is within the holy Bible, and directly correlates with the two texts The Book of Enoch and the Sumerian tablets.

Interestingly, the Annunaki Fallen Angels would mix with indigenous people as stated within The Book of Enoch.

Giants in the Bible

Giants In The Bible

Where do Giants fit into all of this? Well, the Annunaki began to mingle with the indigenous people, and this union led to the hybrid race that were called Giants. The Giants can be found in Chapter 7 of the Book of Enoch. The exact wording is: “And the women conceiving brought forth giants, whose stature was each three hundred cubits.”

The Book of Enoch is not the Bible, but the Bible does talk about Giants.

You’ll find Giants in the King James Bible, and also within Genesis. Genesis 6:4 states that:

“There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”

But keep in mind that this all occurred before the great flood that Noah is known to be a part of in biblical history. There was a war in heaven that caused the Watchers to mingle with the women on earth that eventually resulted in the Giants being born.

You’ll also find that in Deuteronomy [2:10-11]:

“The Emims dwelt therein in times past, a people great, and many, and tall, as the Anakims; Which also were accounted giants, as the Anakims; but the Moabites call them Emims.”

Keep in mind that this occurs after the great flood, meaning that these giants must have roamed the earth even after the flood occurred. There are several occurrences of Giants in Deuteronomy, which you can find in Deuteronomy:

  • 2:20-21
  • 3:11

Joshua 17:5 also mentions Giants in its text:

“And Joshua answered them, If thou be a great people, then get thee up to the wood country, and cut down for thyself there in the land of the Perizzites and of the giants, if mount Ephraim be too narrow for thee.”

What is very important to understand is that the Annunaki are not the creators of the world, or the human race. Instead, these are fallen angels that were created by God. You’ll also find mention of Enki, which is a Sumerian God who is considered the Lord of the earth.

Looking deeper into mythology, you’ll also find that there are giants mentioned in many texts. This doesn’t just occur in one part of the world. Mentions of giants have been found all throughout the world, including Rome, India and Egypt. Virtually every corner of the world has some mention of Giants or similar race that co-mingled with humans.

Just to name a few, you can find Giants in the following:

  • Norse Myths: Jotunheim, a land of Giants. Different types of Giants are also mentioned, such as the Jotun and Iotun. Fire giants even lived in Muspelheim.
  • Hindu Texts: Interestingly, the Giants known as Daityas fought against the gods because they were jealous of their half-brothers.
  • Greek Texts: Two great giants named Ge and Tar’taros are mentioned in an attempt to storm heaven. It is stated that these giants were thrown to earth with the help of Hercules, and lay buried underneath Mount Edna.

It’s not so far-fetched even looking at today’s world.

There are some people that are exceptionally tall. We have people, such as Bates, that stood 7’11” tall, and even Charlemagne, whom they say was 8 feet tall. John Middleton was said to stand 9’3”, and the British Strand magazine posted a photo in 1895 of a grave that was uncovered in Ireland with a person that stood 12’2” tall. This person who have had an arm span of 4’6”. While the giant’s remains used to be on display in exhibitions, no one yet knows what exactly happened to this proof that Giants existed.

The Annunaki have left some strands of evidence that they existed, and the link to giants is one of the many that are still explored today.  Even in our own Bible, we see that there is some proof behind the Annunaki that many people shrug off as a mere myth itself.

We know this is controversial for many to read, but we are asking those with open minds to consider the scriptures in a different light.

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  1. Thank you!! Great information here. I’ve got a lot more research to do now!

    1. Noy Tecson says:

      I have been undergoing some weird events throughout my life but never neglected to think there was something special about me which led me here. What is the purpose of my life in which I believe was given special gifts to understand God and every creation.

      1. I seem to suffer the same fate as you, i feel disconnected, i am here for something, and dont seem to figure it out,

  2. carlos porlan says:

    after studying the sumerian tablets i have found that they describe genetic engineering of our chromosomes. today it is known our second and third chromosomes are fused. this is their handy work going back around 200 000 years ago. the genesis stories originated from the sumerian tablets and enki and enlil are here today still waging war and trying to control earth. the elite cabal have direct contact with them and have been doing their will which is why world war 1 and 2 occurred. the pentagon knows that the anunnaki are returning soon.

  3. Is everything I was ever taught, in Sunday School. In my spiritual readings, including a BA in Anthropology, a hoax? I am reading a lot recently about The Illuminati. Is this all connected, or am I in SciFi Spiral?

    1. I would not say it is a hoax per se, but you have to question how the stories are passed down over time and why certain parts are omitted. Illuminati is something we hope to dig deeper into in 2017.

      1. This is exactly what I’ve came to conclusion lately. I haven’t read the book of enoch or the sumerian tablets. I’ve heard parts of them but I’ve came to believe that the annunaki are the fallen angels. Then man worshipped them as gods even though they weren’t gods. I could be wrong but that is what sounds correct to me

        1. ANDRE MARTIN DAVIS says:

          You are correct in you’re thinking, Please keep up the study, but make sure the Holy Bible is your main reference point

        2. The Apostle Paul refers to the false gods as demons (fallen angels) I Corinthians 10:20. The demons are still around. Mankind becomes more sophisticated in his thinking, they have up deception. Ouija boards, astrology, Islam, etc.

          A copy of the Book of Enoch was discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls (1947). The Essenes who placed these writings there have been considered the Biblically correct people of their day. They left Judah because the Hasimonean king was not of the Davidic line. The Book of Enoch is named after the pre-Flood patriarch but scholars contend it was written post-Flood. But it appears to provide information regarding the antediluvian period which is not found in the Genesis account.

    2. I too have been reading a lot lately on the Illuminati, the Bible, the Old Testament and on ancient cultures. I can honestly say a lot of what we are taught in school is a lie. Your are not crazy. If the field of academia were a legitimate institution they would argue why these theories were false or not very likely but instead they would rather label us as crazy. I always thought it suspicious why they would purposely remove Enoch’s tales from the Bible.

  4. Many of us humans are asking for “contact” out of a desire for truth in our own history, after realizing things are definitely not as we have been led to believe, and are in turn, receiving telepathic messages. Yet it is impossible to know WHO is communicating this way… I suppose we will know soon enough.

  5. Kathryn RUHL says:

    Who knows what really happened thousands of years ago. The bible seems to have been taken from Sumerian codes and myths…

    1. Eric von Zaccheus says:

      No Katherine it’s the other way around!!!!!!

  6. I believe this… thank you for sharing

  7. Hard to say what went on that many centuries ago, however, alot of it seems somehow to ring true.

  8. Interesting but do not disregard the key to all truth which is Jesus himself. Moses talked with God Himself and we have the book of Genesis as a result. Put your trust in Jesus and He will protect your mind, heart and very soul. There is much hidden from us, yes but how much of that is the result of evil, demonic forces? Seek Jesus first, He is the way and will reveal truth as we seek it – through Him.

    1. jesus is enki and god is anu

      1. I thought enlil is Jesus ???

      2. Quetzalcoatl Is Jesus Christ he died in 1519

    2. Thoth al Khem says:

      Oh Bullshit……..26,000 children every day starve to DEATH. Where is your Gee-Zus now? YHVH Kills 2,476,633 NOT including the Flood or Sodom and Gomorrah while “satan” has 10……..YOU Obviously do NOT study the Bible…..I AM…a Bible Scholar and YHVH is an ASSHOLE.

      NO LETTER ”J” ONLY 400 YEARS AGO BTW…….Geeeez……..

      1. your not a bible scholar or you would have felt the holy spirit of the Lord tucking at your heart , get another job you poor thing, yes the letter J was only invented 400 years ago I know Christ as yashua but if your really a scholar you don’t recognize that the reason for all the death and destruction is the result of the curse of sin, so the real murder would be satan cause he cause adam and eve to fall into sin and bring about death! get a new line of work you charlatan! how dare you call the creator Yahweh a asshole , he knew mankind would fall and cause all this mess with the curse, he knew he would have to take the form of man and pay the price of sin and STILL thought humankind was worth it and im really greatful to him, shame on you

  9. Julio R. Rojas says:

    I have study and read a lot in philosophy. Lemuria,Atlantis, read magazines( Atlantis Rising) Maria Elena Petrovivich and others author The war of the Anunnaki and the nuclear distruction all books of Zacharia Sitching etc…etc and I have 6th degree inAstara book of life . and what I think is tha religions are afraid to talk the truth to their fallowers. Roman library have a lot to say about flying Objects and the Anunnaki.

  10. Fantastic says:

    I think that no one has ever ‘seen or met’ God, the supreme creator. This is a supreme force and pervades everything ! So you don’t need to ‘see’ God The force or part of it, is already in and around you all the time. All physical beings in the scriptures are more developed forms of ‘living beings’ who are also ‘lower’ than ‘God’. No matter what religion it might be all are sons and daughters of God . All physical beings referred to as God who have come to Earth is rubbish. They are just a much more advanced version of us or something like us. Religion is a power house built on fear not love ! If it truly represents ‘God’ then it should only talk of love and not punishment ! For humans Fear is the key to rule others. It has nothing to do with the real Creator !

    1. I like your logic, Indeed we humans are trained to compete and rule over each other, while there are enough resources for all of us, we don’t see each other equally, some want more and some get nothing.
      I’m not religious, but I’ve read Bible and Quran, they share a lot, more than some people think! the stories of genesis are the same, while the Prophet in islam is Mohamad, but the one who is coming back in the end of times is Jesus so muslims also accept Jesus as the final savior! its confusing I know!. both start by promising a heaven with all goodness, then threaten by a hell of fire for not obeying.

  11. Scott Hunt says:

    I have always felt we weren’t getting the whole story in our biblical teachings. After studying and watching shows that bring these things together I can now start to see how things fit together. Just look at our current situations and see how the narratives of what has happened in the past 150 years has changed just in our lifetime. The younger generation is being taught things different from what we learned just 30 years ago. I have A- blood and have been researching about that. I have always felt I was different and now find out I am in a group of only 6% on this earth. Is negative blood an alien blood? So many questions. I will keep researching

    1. Walter Oppermann says:

      I guess some aliens were banging my ancesters as I have B- blood type

  12. It is no coincidence, that many religions share common basics, well known stories. Religions spread all over the globe, but within our known history of mankind, we not connected in the past. I’m pretty sure after reading for almost 40 years of these things.. Our history might be different than what we all been taught at school. It all comes to 1 single source, spread all over the planet and changed due to culture and local differences of people. We face all these massive megalithic buildings and science comes with crappy explanations or ignorance. These buildings are just leftovers from a time, erased from mankind, erased due to time, due to humans burnings, destructions and nature causes. Atlantis looks like some kind of fairytale, but it and all these megalithic structures, might be from a time, before out own timeline, call it before that flood, call it whatever you like. Humanity restarted in the past, and some leftovers of knowledge, people etc.. were the base of our known timeline we live in right now. Like Piri Reis’ map.. it was just parts of much older maps (Library of Alexandria) , from humanity we like to call Atlantis.. The people nowadays living in Egypt, are not the people who build Gizeh… people came, claimed, destroyed and re-used.. The Romans never build the base of their Jupiter temple, it was already sitting there.. They re-used that and build the jupiter temple on top of it.. completely nonsense, because the jupiter temple is positioned at an unlogical location.. The Romans just tried to show their power, by re-using that much older structure. Keep an open mind.. This world is not what you think it is.. There is still enough around us, to state that there had to be a very intelligent human race thousands of years ago, no they were not stone age dumb cavemen.. These people build, Baalbek, Sphinx, Gizeh, Yonaguni, created these stomped straight cutoff mountains at nazca.. And some of them survived and shared their knowledge with the Sumerians. etc…

    1. Puru SIngh says:

      I agree with OpenMind 100%.

  13. I read all of Sitchin’s books last year. They were wonderful. They tell us what may have really occurred on Earth and to the Earth. His books explain everything. I really believe that the Anunnaki are still here. They still need the gold and they have allowed us to grow. I believe that the government is hiding this fact in order to make sure that all of our religions don’t dissolve over night. Thanks for creating this site.

    1. Appreciate the feedback Ross, thank you very much.

  14. Clarence L. Gatewood says:

    Question ?
    Is there any Sumerian text in reference to the one called ” Creator of All”

  15. You didn’t get the scripture right for Joshua 17:5. It talks about Manasseh’s daughters getting an equal inheritance as the sons of other tribes as Manasseh had no sons. There is no mention of giants in the NIV or the Complete Jewish Bible.

  16. Susan Heck says:

    I have always questioned the things that made no sense, and spent the last few years searching for answers. I’m still searching, but what I’ve discovered so far rings true in my being.
    The one thing that tied the whole thing together for me was reading the Secret book
    of John in the Nag Hamadi
    library (accessable online). It
    blew me away and I’ve read it
    many times to make sure I
    understood it. I don’t think many people have actually even looked at this and/or other lost books of the Bible. I haven’t seen mention of the Archons (much) anywhere. Or Sophia’s story………

  17. Carlton Deverel Morris says:

    This book relays people to their correct dieties.. Some of us call upon the wrong God for blessings.. They said there was one nooo there are many..

    1. quit spreading lies, theres only one God the bible declares and even the koran which im no fan of but see that they claim the same, read the account of baal in the old testament and Egypt also, these deitys were obviously the fallen angels and there offspring being worshipped as gods when they are nothing more than created beings! when Yahweh cuts off there power as he did to the prophets of baal in the story pretaining to jesabel and also the story or Egypt and the ten commandments, they had dark powers that’s undeniable but that faucet was cutoff when the Lord stopped in to show his true power, the Holy bible is true! should a lot of those other writings of the prophets like enoch and Thomas and secret book of john yes! but it still dosnt change the fact that the bible never contradicts itself and is the living word of the Lord

  18. royal ross says:

    hey lets forget the past sufferings and jettison into the stars we make our lives as they are but corruptions slow are progress down lets go all the way what can we loose for giving our best to our unanswered dreams

  19. Has anyone read about Transhumanism ? Or rather as in Mormon Transhumanism? Interesting cross connection.

  20. I agree with Openmind, He/She comes the closes to my believe on a matter in which we did not witness but have come to accept based on what we have learned.

  21. If you read the Sumer texts about Anu in a wrestling match, and compare it to the Old Testament Job with his wretsling match, you may find that Anu and Jacob were the same person.

  22. Sorry, I meant Jacob, not Job (see above).

  23. We Are Eternal says:

    Notice the connection between the “Bull Gods? Bible=Bi-Bull=2 Bulls. Written in Parables is Pair of Bulls. Who created this words? Why is god naming his holy book after other gods?? that makes no sense to me, someone please explain to shed light? I have much other knowledge which proves the bible is about hiding the truth and deception

    Thank you!

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