Alien Races

Known alien races from history including: Anakim, Greys, Reptilians, Arcturians, Dracos, Nordics…. Proof of aliens dates makes thousands of years with hybrid races dating back to the Annunaki aliens.


Pleiadians (Nordic Aliens) Origins

While you are learning about the different species of aliens that are reported to exist, one species you will come across is the Pleiadians, often referred to s...

Who Were the Igigi?

If you have been studying the ancient astronauts, there are likely a number of terms you have become familiar with: Anunnaki, Nephilim, reptilians.  But one wor...
Replitian Sketch | Credit: Dahami's Reptoids & Aliens

Who Are the Reptilians?

If you’ve found your way to, you’ve probably spent some time scanning the night skies for UFOs. But what if looking skyward means you are missi...