3-2015 Las Vegas Sighting

More than 27 minutes of video shot of as many as 12 UFOs over the southwestern part of the las vegas Valley on the night of April 18, 2015.

Okay everybody, now I can tell you what I did. I know I got spooked two weeks ago on Saturday night when I was out in the desert trying to get closer to these amazing flying machines. Tonight I decided I was going to go over there alone again but this time I didn’t tell anybody except my wife. No phone calls, emails or text messages to anybody. My guess is that I am being monitored and I didn’t want anybody to know what my plans were. I got over there before the sunset and got myself set up. Long story short is that I only filmed one light in the sky and it wasn’t in the location where I expected it but in another location away from where I usually film. It wasn’t what I went over there to film. I stayed until just after 9 p.m. and nothing showed up, not even a jet. I’m going to be going out in my backyard in a few minutes to see if they are there which I think they probably are which tells me that they do have the ability to cloak themselves and that is why nobody ever reports them or sees them but me. Enough of that!

When you have been hunting UFOs long enough you don’t just look in one spot. Tonight will be a big night to remember for me because I got just over 27 minutes of video of at least 9 to 12 UFOs doing different formations in the sky in the southwestern part of the Las Vegas Valley. It was unbelievable! They had to be at least 30 miles away, but they were doing formations you would not believe. One time they even formed a pentagon shape in the sky. I am so excited I cannot wait to get this video produced. It won’t be one of the videos where I speed it up because I am talking the entire time. At times, it reminded me of the Phoenix Lights but in reality it is better because there are no videos of the Phoenix Lights that show this kind of detail. Hang on to your seats because there’s absolutely no way the video will be ready tonight. The one thing I can do is to do a screen grab to show you what it is I was seeing. I am almost 100% convinced now that UFOs have the ability to cloak themselves and that is why you will never see a real good close up video of a UFO.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V__Pxa4DMFI&feature=youtu.be&app=desktop